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Fall 2021 Trail Clearing Schedule

Check back soon for trips going out in the fall.

About Mechanized Trips

Trips depart from the Twin Cities the evening of the listed start date and return the evening of the listed end date. Sign up and pay for mechanized trips at the BRT Meetup Group website.

About Wilderness Trips

The wilderness sections of the Border Route Trail run above and along several border lakes and provide spectacular overlooks to those lakes. Trail clearing consists of removing brush and downed trees and in the wilderness is done with hand tools: crosscut saws, loppers, and scythes.

All paddling equipment (Kevlar canoues; paddles; and PFDs) and hand tools will be provided. Once registrations start coming in, trip leaders will send out a trip organizing email to registrants with more information. To register go to the signup page. Registration consists of selecting your trip, answering some basic experience questions, and reading and signing the liability waiver.

COVID 19 IMPACT: The Forest Service is following COVID 19 protocol rules established by the State of Minnesota. The carpooling rule has the most significant impact on our trips. Participants that occupy the same household may drive together. Individuals must be willing to travel to the trailheads alone. When traveling we all need to adhere to the masks, social distancing and hand washing protocols when stopping in communities along the way. There will not be any lodging available for our crews so we will drive up to the trailheads and go directly out to camps on the trail to establish our base camps.

These all will be Bring Your Own (BYO) trips meaning that participants are responsible for bringing their own food and drink and plan on separate eating, cooking, and water filtering. Social distancing in the outdoors should be relatively easy but bring masks for the occasional times you may need them. There is no trip fee for BYO trips. Keep receipts for all your trip related expenses that are not reimbursed as they are tax deductible.

The COVID 19 environment is in continuous change with improvements in testing and the availability of vaccines. At this point, it is assumed that nothing will change the existing protocols in time to be in place for our May trips.

Contact Tom Suter, Acting Director of Wilderness Maintenance if you have questions about wilderness trail clearing or any of the trips

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